29 September 2023

Types of visa in UAE and Validity

Following are Types of visa in UAE and Validity you can apply visit visa as per your plan through us.

No Types Details validity Duration
1 Transit Visa If you want to stay for more than 24 hours in UAE you can apply this visa at airport. 96 Hours 96 Hours
2 Tourist Visa short Term This kind of Visa allows you to stay for 2 weeks from the date of Entry. 60 Days 14 Days
3 Tourist Visa Normal If your Plan is to live For whole month so you can request this visa. 60 Days 30 Days
4 Long Term Visa Tourist, Visit Such Type of Visa allows Individual to stay for long term and a person can stay ninety days from the date of Entry. 60 Days 90 Days

Tourist Visa Normal Multiple Entry

If you have Multiple Entry Normal visa you can Enter in UAE many times till the validity of visa. 60 Days 30 Days

Long Term Visa

(Tourist or Visit )

( Multiple Entry )

Long Term Multiple Entry Tourist or visit visa is best for those who want to travel frequently for United Arab Emirates and you can Enter and Exit Multiple Times till the validity of Visa. 60 Days 90 Days
7 Medical Visa If you need Special Treatment you can apply this visa through legal way. Specified Days Till the Validity
8 Services Visa To do Specific Job for Company or any Govt Body. Specified Days Till the Validity
9 Residence Visa If you want to work or stay with family in UAE only Specific Sponsor ( Legal Residence or Company ) can request/apply such kind of visa. 60 Days 2 Years or 3 Years

Transit visa is short term visa which is usually valid 96 Hours you can request this visa at airport in United Emirates. But Remember one thing while requesting such visa you have to pay visa fees. Except Medical, Services and Residence visa we will definitely assist you to get your Tourist or visit visa. For long term visas there are some restriction specially on Some Countries, Females and Low professions so be Careful while Applying visa. Females which are below 30 from specific countries are not eligible for visa.

Important Note :

  • Visa Validity mean you can Enter in Country within 60 days since the Date of Approval
  • You Can Stay till the validity of Visa
  • All Leisure Visa are non Extendable
  • Bio Metric Passport ( Normal ) is eligible to Apply
  • In Case of over Stay you have to Pay Penalty
  • Some Arab, African females which are under age have different terms and Conditions.